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Dreams for Sale

"Even standing still is moving backwards, away from change. So forwards or backwards? We must make a choice. There is no escape. We are in a tunnel. But what is this light at the end of it?"

!! As Uusimaa has stepped on a spreading stage of Covid19, all the events in the National Museum are cancelled. So is Dreams for sale by Studio Total !!

Piece by piece, millimeter by millimeter, as slow as the movement of tectonic plates, that is how the world changes. Our choices have brought us to this point. “You have to change your life”, said philosopher Peter Sloterdijk a decade ago. How small a change is too little, and how much is excessive?

What if we all lived like Pentti Linkola? Fishing and roaming the forests – just like we are shown in an idyllic Business Finland advertisement? Linkola named his book “A DREAM of a better world”. Knowing what we do now, IKEA or Burger King should not sound like such an alluring choice. How far can we go? How far dare we go? Even staying still takes us backward. To move forward or back? We have to make that choice. There is no escape.

Dreams for Sale is a total artwork full of visual and physical expression. Beneath the National Museum, into an underground cave, the performance creates a soiree for the audience, A MARKET OF DREAMS.We are in a tunnel, but what is the light we see at the end of it? Dreams for Sale is a performance about dreams, hope and new beginnings.

Co-produced with:


November 2020

at 19.00
National Museum, Helsinki, Finland


Anna Lipponen


Laur Kaunissaare (Estonia)

Set, light and Video design

Petri Tuhkanen

Set and Costume design

Simona Bieksaite (Lithuania/Norway)

sound design

Antti Puumalainen


Jekaterina Abramova (Estonia)

On stage

Tuomas Juntunen

On video

Rea Lest (Estonia), Ragnar Uustal (Estonia)

Assistant lighting designer

Lyydia Johansson (Teak)


Studio Total - Anna Lipponen, Katariina Uusitupa, Petra Kytölä, Jaakko Lenni-Taattola, National Museum – Viktor Sohlström

Henry Fordin katu 5H


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